Submit a 3-10 minute play, excerpt or scene to Submissions are always open!


Once submissions are read and approved for Soundscape production, the writer chooses a director, who helps to cast the play. If you need help finding a director or actors, no worries! Soundscape has a database of actors and directors from past projects as well as personal contacts on hand, so you’ll find the perfect team!

Please note: All Soundscape productions are non-union, and are not associated with union contracts. 


All projects are recorded remotely from the comfort of the actors’ homes or studios. Directors and actors join a Google Meet session, hosted by Soundscape, which acts as both a rehearsal and recording room for 2 hours max. Additional rehearsals prior to recording are up to the directors’ discretion. 


The actors send their takes to the audio editor/sound designer, who then shares them with the director for final choice. Once takes are chosen, the editor/designer will find the most appropriate sound effects to suit the play, and edit them with the actors’ voice recordings. Suggestions from the director or writer for specific effects are welcome.


The audio editor/sound designer will send a first draft to the writer and director for any and all feedback. As soon as a final draft is approved for production, the play will be scheduled for release. 


All Soundscape plays get graphics for a “Coming Soon” video trailer, a promotional post with headshots, and a final production cover, all pre-approved by the writer and director. See examples on the Instagram page


All Soundscape plays are published on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Instagram’s IGTV, with additional promotional posts on Soundscape’s Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Q: What should I include with my submission?

A: Your name, a quick intro to yourself, and your play or scene, preferably in PDF form. 

Q: Are there rehearsals prior to recording?

A: Additional rehearsals prior to the recording session are up to the directors’ discretion and subject to the actors' willingness and availability. 

Q: Can I submit more than one play at a time?

A: Sure! All plays will be considered, but most likely, only one will be produced at that time. 

Q: I don't have any actors or directors in mind for my projct. What do I do?

A: No worries! Soundscape has a database of actors and directors from past projects as well as personal contacts on hand, so you’ll find the perfect team! If you need help reaching out to folks you already know, Soundscape can work with you on that as well. 

Q: How do I know if my play is under 10 minutes?

A: The best way to find out would be to read it out loud, and account for stage directions and sound effects.

Q: Where does the editor find sound effects?

Common sources include the YouTube Audio Library, various YouTube sound effect channels (copyright-free, royalty-free or Creative Commons license content), and sites like 

Q: My play has lots of stage directions. Will those be read out loud in the audio play?

A: Great question! Some stage directions can be communicated through sound effects, whereas others can be read by a narrator. This is ususally decided by the writer and director. 

Q: Can I direct my own play?

A: Yes! 

Q: I'm an actor who does not have professional recording equipment. Can I still record?

A: Absolutely! Most actors record their voice audio on a smartphone recording app, computers (via Garageband, Audacity, Logic, etc), on headphones microphones or their device microphones, or another audio-capturing device. Your recording should be clear with little or no echo or background noise if possible, with each take exported separately and numbered accordingly. 

Q: I'd like to submit an excerpt of a longer piece. How many pages should I submit?

A: You should submit the exact section of the play that you'd like in the final production.