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by Suds C

Directed by

Bryan Elias

Coming out of the closet is step one, but step two is a never-ending game of trying to figure out if women you're attracted to are attracted to other women.

by Austen Halpern-Graser

Directed by

Austen Halpern-Graser

Two creatures of immeasurable size and scope ponder what life is like for the smaller inhabitants of the universe.

by Dominique McKenzie

Directed by

Dominique McKenzie

Who do you confess your secret crushes to? If you’re like Marjorie, a paying audience.

by Allie Costa

Directed by

Allie Costa

Noisy neighbors are a nuisance. In this series of vignettes, we hear the internal monologues of two characters as they encounter different tenants in their apartment building.

by Christine Sloan Stoddard

Directed by

John Cappello

A party? This should be a no-brainer! A mysterious party lures two strangers to the dance floor. Will they share true love or the kiss of death? How they spend the evening will take some brainpower!

by Alexandra Haddad

Directed by

Alexandra Haddad

Marc and Bella are best friends. It's the summer before college. Things can't really change that much, right?

by Gloria Schramm

Directed by

Melanie Maria Goodreaux

A housewife, princess and saint meet in the afterlife and do life reviews together. Consciousness and soul development are an on-going process and perhaps “arrival” is an illusion.

Will they have anything in common besides finding out they have friends in high places?

by Christine Sloan Stoddard

Directed by John Cappello

Two strangers share a bench on another rainy day in the Scottish Highlands. Is this just another tourist trap?

by Raquel Loving

Directed by Ti Ames

Halloween was always Liza and Nikki's thing. Just two best friends hanging out... what’s so spooky about it?

by Dominique McKenzie

Directed by Dominique McKenzie

Soundscape Theater invites you to The Diller Falls 42nd Annual Spelling Bee, brought to you by Charmin®. Enjoy the go.

by Lily Welsh

Directed by Dominique Xi

When Maggie becomes pregnant, it’s up to her roommate Pauline to help her navigate motherhood, relationships and satanism, all over a pile of laundry.

by Brynn Hambley

Directed by Anne Karyna Bakan

This lightly spooky and introspective Fall nightmare explores dream logic and symbolism, and highlights the frustration we may feel when even our dreams are interrupted by the stresses of life.

by India Stachyra

Directed by India Stachyra

The highway sure feels hazy at 12:41am on a rainy Friday night. Cam and his Aunt Jen know this territory all too well. When will he go back this time?

by Dylan Manning

Directed by Dylan Manning

In this film noir parody, a late-night comedy show intern goes on a search that may make or break her career in TV production. Will she make it before her time is up? Tune in to find out.