Soundscare SERIES 2020

Spooky stories with spookier sounndscapes.

Just in time for Halloween.

by Brynn Hambley

Directed by Anne Karyna Bakan

This lightly spooky and introspective Fall nightmare explores dream logic and symbolism, and highlights the frustration we may feel when even our dreams are interrupted by the stresses of life.

by Lily Welsh

Directed by Dominique Xi

When Maggie becomes pregnant, it’s up to her roommate Pauline to help her navigate motherhood, relationships and satanism, all over a pile of laundry.

by Dominique McKenzie

Directed by Dominique McKenzie

Soundscape Theater invites you to The Diller Falls 42nd Annual Spelling Bee, brought to you by Charmin®. Enjoy the go.

by Raquel Loving

Directed by Ti Ames

Halloween was always Liza and Nikki's thing. Just two best friends hanging out... what’s so spooky about it?